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Fall 2018

It's about that time of year when we start to ruminate on New Year's goals. We start to make a plan for how we will start the new year off on the best foot. Whether it's health, wellness, financial, relational or professional goals, its good to make a plan for how to get there. In this issue of Lumen we feature stories on progress. We focus on topics that developed over time and are still progressing. Some trends are in early phases and some seem like they will never stop moving forward.


Summer 2018

People with disabilities are not uncommon. 15% of the population is disabled in some form, yet we still struggle to embrace them into society and address their unique needs.

In this issue of Lumen we want to focus on the unique and fastinating  challenges that come with designing for people with disabilities.



Spring 2018

How do we decide what is wrong and what is right? It feels like a constant battle of tug of war as we try to discern fact from fiction. In this issue of Lumen, we take a deep dive into three categories of fake news and attempt to get to the bottom of each. We  hope you'll not only learn a bit about these topics, but also how to become a better truth-finder. 




Winter 2018

Plastic. It is hard to picture a life without it, but it’s only been around since the 1950’s. In its short existence we have surrounded ourselves in a sea of plastic, literally. In this issue, take a look at the ways you could cut down on your plastic consumption and even save the world as we know it.


Fall 2017

Blockchain. What is it? Who created it? Why are people so excited about it? We cover all of these questions and more as we take a deep dive into the history and hype surrounding blockchain, bitcoin, and the movement as a whole.



Summer 2017

Ah, summer, glorious summer. Warm weather, beaches, gardens, campfires, and best of all, vacation.The majority of people take some sort of break from the norm during the summer. This is no less true for the millennial generation, who are known to place high value on experience. In fact, a study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials would sooner drop their cash on something experiential rather than on material things. 

We all love to travel in the summer. In the first issue of Lumen, we cover trips that those in our studio have taken. 


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