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LIV – HiP Honoree in the Workplace stool category


June 2019
The winners of the sixth annual HiP Awards, honoring industry people and innovative products at NeoCon 2019, were announced today in a ceremony hosted by Interior Design's editor in chief Cindy Allen. See the full list of winners and honorees below. Read more…

HON Introduces Fuse


June 2019
People’s need for office storage did not go away with the digital age, but the types of things they need to store has radically changed. The filing of papers and folders has evolved into more lifestyle storage management as working and living activities are becoming more bended. With office design trends leaning toward open and collaborative settings, less overall square footage and more shared space, there are more things to consider and store. Read more…

Radii Wins Gold at NeoCon 2019


June 2019
Three of Allsteel’s collections that launched at NeoCon won design awards. Radii by IDA Design was honored with Contract Magazine’s Best of NeoCon Gold award in the office accessories category.

Radii is a new storage offering from Allsteel by IDA Design that encourages workers to stow rather than store, creating personalized and travel-size compartments that move across the office whenever teams shift. The versatile and space-efficient system of metal storage pedestals and desk undercounts helps clear clutter and lets workers personalize their space. Read more…

Gunlocke Launches LIV


June 2019
Gunlocke is introducing LIV, a seating collection with versatility and design sophistication. LIV speaks directly to the user’s desire for choice, flexibility, style and ease. It’s available in four models of varying height and style. A subtle compliment to private office applications, or en masse in community spaces, LIV echoes style without overpowering it. Read more…

Contract Magazine features Radii


June 2019
A new storage collection by Allsteel and IDA Design, Radii addresses the need to show, rather than store. Thanks to compact, space-efficient design, the versatile system of metal storage pedestals, undermounts, and work tools add storage to any desk without sacrificing space and appearance. The customizable design fits the modern workplace as it shifts toward the use of more multifunctional units, where people look to have their belongings in close proximity. Read More…

The winners of the 2019 Best of NeoCon Competition were announced on Monday June 10, during an awards breakfast hosted by Contract at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. Eighty-three awards were distributed in this year’s competition of contract furnishing products, including eight Innovation awards, six Editors’ Choice awards, and a Best of Competition prize. Read more…

Radii Named a Can’t-Miss Release at NeoCon


May 2019
Each June, NeoCon offers a snapshot of our cultural values and aspirations. The present-day linkage of identity, lifestyle, and career, for better and worse, yields real workplace requirements—for privacy, connectivity, and physical activity, to name a few. The products unveiled to great pomp throughout Chicago’s whopping four-million-square-foot The Mart every spring are increasingly designed and marketed to fill these ever-more-personal needs. No other design fair can claim such relevance in our culture. Read more…

Radii featured in BoF Magazine

Detail_Radii_024 (1).jpg

January 2019
The versatile system of metal storage pedestals, undercounts and work tools can be used with any desk to increase organization without sacrificing workspace. The customizable design is key as the workplace shifts toward multi-functional units where the need to store paper dwindles and workers look to keep personal items in close proximity. Read more…

Radii featured on officeinsight

Radii Wellness.jpg

January 2019
a new storage collection from Allsteel Inc. and IDA Design, addresses the need to stow, rather than store, with a compact, space-efficient design that allows workers’ personal storage to travel with them in today’s agile work environments. This versatile system of metal storage pedestals, undermounts and work tools can be used with any desk to increase organization without sacrificing workspace. Its customizable design is key as the workplace shifts toward multi-functional units where the need to store paper dwindles and workers look to keep personal items in close proximity. Read more…

Mitch speaks at Gunlocke/
Metropolis event: ‘Creating Productive Spaces’


September 2018
As the way we work continues to change, the objects in our offices have had to transform as well. We recognize now that personal and collaborative work areas both have their place in a successful office, as do enclosed and open spaces as well as casual and formal settings and office furnishings have to adapt to all these situations.

IDA volunteers at Habitat for Humanity


August 2018
At IDA we love giving back, for the past couple years, Habitat for Humanity has been our go-to service project. This year we spent an afternoon painting the ceiling, walls, and trim of a house for a single mom and her son. They will be moving in in a few weeks, and it was encouraging to read their bio and hear stories of how excited the son is to pick the color of his new room.

 Although it was over 90 degrees that day, we made it fun, got the job done, and even had time for ice-cream afterwards. 

Summertime Team Building on Lake Michigan!

IDA team.jpg

July 2018
Ah, sweet sweet summertime. Sometimes you need to let loose and enjoy time getting to know your co-workers out of the office. We took an afternoon off, rented a boat, and spent some time on the water. The day was beautiful and we had a chance to eat lunch, climb sand dunes, swim in the lake, and even go tubing. 

SileaEH wins silver at NeoCon!


June 2018
We brought home the hardware this NeoCon! Mitch, Zach, and Cara were in Chicago to accept the award. We are beyond excited that the NeoCon judges love Silea EH as much as we do! Click here to learn more about Silea EH. 

Interior Design Interviews IDA about SileaEH

IDA Refreshes their Brand!

2018 logo website home.png

June 2018
This summer IDA went through a brand refresh that included a name, logo, and pronunciation change. (We now pronounce our name “eye-dee-aye”, instead of “eye-dee-uhhh”.) To top it all off, we launched our new website that incorporates our updated brand. This project took months to complete and involved most of our team. We are so happy with the results and the new brand; we hope you are too!

SileaEH featured in Workdesign Magazine


May 2018
"Building on the successful Silea™ case goods portfolio, designer Mitch Bakker, principal of IDA Design, wanted to expand the possibilities across the workplace with SileaEH by providing furniture applications that would integrate seamlessly in both enclosed and open workspaces. The introduction increases the choice of materials and options and incorporates height-adjustable work surfaces, expanding the flexibility and functionality of the product. Read more...

Mitch and Cara present at Western University


April 2018
Western University opened their own Product Design and Innovation department. During the opening, they invited our studio to speak on process and designing for the real world. Mitch and Cara presented IDA’s process for design and development to students and staff. 

Interior Design: Vicinity Chair Boasts Universal Workplace Appeal

AOSeriesVicinityLoungeProdIGDownloadLarge_VicinityLounge_Gallery_Image10_ResLarge copy.jpg

May 2017
"No longer just your conventional sit-and-snack spot, the workplace café has come into its own, thanks to IDA Design principal Mitch Bakker. For the Vicinity chair, his addition to the Gather series from Allsteel, Bakker considered all the possibilities: connecting, consorting, concentrating. “It facilitates impromptu encounters, encourages the exchange of ideas, and promotes active collaboration,” he says. Whether the user is lounging, slouching over a laptop, or sitting at attention, the low seat promises ergonomic consistency. The tubular-steel base comes in seven finishes. The plywood shell seat, veneered in oak, beech, or walnut, is available partially or fully upholstered, accepting a range of standard covers or COM." Read more...

Christmas time at IDA


December 2017
There is always a giving spirit that comes with Christmas time. This year we wanted to do something special, so together we bought presents for a family in need. We each picked a family member to shop for and spent time picking out special gifts for them 

Briefing featured in Metropolis Magazine


September 2016
"Once upon a time, cutting-edge office spaces consisted of restrictive cubicle walls that hindered communication. Since then, the trends of workplace design have veered from one extreme to another: designers have been creating open plan workplaces, many with acoustic problems and a debilitating lack of privacy. Design firms and manufacturers are now attempting to scale back, searching for a happy medium that allows for both spirited collaboration and private reflection. Metropolis talked to Jennifer Wammack and Mitch Bakker from Michigan-based design studio IDA about three of their recent collections of flexible office furniture designed in collaboration with Gunlocke, to hear their insights into ways of creating seamless transitions between collaborative and private spaces in office design." Read more...

Approach Wins Best of NeoCon Silver!


June 2016
“This is a major accomplishment for Allsteel and demonstrates how great partnerships give rise to innovative products,” said Lynda Whittle, Vice President of Marketing at Allsteel. “Approach is part of Allsteel’s comprehensive effort to address evolving industry trends in casual collaboration, adaptive office, health and wellness and other areas, but above to meet our customers’ needs in fresh transformative ways.” Read more...

Trillia and Saranac are Interior Design HiP Honorees


June 2016
The third installment of Interior Design’s annual recognition program—HiP at NeoCon (Honoring Industry People and Product)—kicked off last night, with designers and manufacturers receiving their awards during the magazine’s Giants celebration. Read more...

Interior Design Interviews IDA about Saranac and Trillia

Trillia Takes Home #MetropolisLikes Award


June 2016
These stools fill the need for comfortable, aesthetically pleasing bar, counter, and standard-height seating for informal and collaborative areas. A beautifully machined solid wood top flows into the profiled legs, the eased seat promotes easy sitting in many positions. Excellent comfort, without pressure points, no matter how you sit. Read more...

Business of Furniture Magazine Features Trillia and Saranac in NeoCon Issue

June 2016
Designed by IDa Design, led by Principal Mitch Bakker, Trillia makes a perfect companion for Gunlocke’s BriefingTM line of collaborative furniture, also designed by Bakker and team. It fills the need for comfortable, aesthetically pleasing seating for informal areas outside the four walls of a private office or conference space.

“Trillia epitomizes a simple sophistication that immediately grabs your attention,” Bakker says. “It’s beautiful without feeling too complex or overdesigned.” Read more...

IDA presents CEU's on Trends

IIDA Speaker Series_10 27 16_7.JPG

Spring/Summer 2016
IDa Design presents excerpts from the Inspiration & IDa’s (now Lumen) trend report and discuss how trend tracking influences design. The presentation will deliver these objectives: through interactive learning:

1. Trend Tracking Examples:A discussion of the power of trend observations.
2. Design Research. Discuss how web and social media trolling facilitate the creative process. 
3. Point of View. How one can develop a unique design point of view in the context of a global internet economy. Power of inspiration from a variety of contexts.
4. Concept to Reality. How trend tracking is a tool for bridging the communication gap in a complex value chain of manufacturers, specifiers and end-users.

Interior Design interviews IDA about Briefing